Mold Inspection Service Near You

This type of mold inspection typically covers the interior living space, basement, attic and crawl space. Exterior surfaces are examined for evidence of moisture intrusion and potential for future problem areas, using all up to date equipment including thermal imaging camera, bore scope, moisture meter to collect information and determine what caused the problem. We follow all Mold Inspection Standards of Practice during the mold inspection. Mold samples are take with the approval of the customer, to know what kind of mold is present and mold spore level in the air. All sample are sent to a AIHA Accredited Laboratory for analysis. All mold inspection reports are available within 24hr to 48hrs as long as mold sample have not been collected.

At Enviro Techs we begin our investigation with a personal interview to learn as much about the circumstances surrounding the problem. Then we begin our mold inspection with a thorough visual inspection. We look for signs of moisture, water damage, possible leaks, water intrusion, we measure the humidity and the temperature, among the collection of various other data involved with mold inspection. All of which provides important clues to resolve a dangerous mold issue. Throughout this phase of mold inspection an inspector is on the lookout for, evidence of previous moisture intrusion, evidence of mold growth and areas with a potential for future mold infestation.

Our goal is to find out if an unusual mold condition exist at the property, to determine why and where it is occurring in accessible areas, and to determine what needs to be done to properly correct the mold problem.